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Taking place at various places all over the Koenji area, a variety of wonderful performances by mor... Read

Kushiro is known for its fog in summer. The laser light show that lights up the night sky is a must... Read

We have you taste Old no atmosphere with outdoor tea ceremony, the armor end in castle historical p... Read

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Asahikawa Winter Festiv... The festival features one of the world's largest snow statues, "International Ice Sculpture Contest... Tazawako Kogen Yuki Mat... Spectacular rings of fire, fireworks, and paper balloons wishing for an uneventful new year make th... Iwate Snow Festival Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Iwate Snow Festival takes place at Shizukuishi. From Ja... Hikari no Mori no Pagea... A fantastic light show at Alps Azumino National Government Park and a pageant at nearby Village Azu... Sapporo Snow Festival (... Known as one of the world’s four most famous ice and snow festivals, Sapporo Snow Festival is a gre... Harajuku Omotesando Gen... The Harajuku Omotesando Genki Matsuri festival brings the traditional yosakoi dance from its birthp... Hello Nishiogi The events include a parade of “Manto Mikoshi” (a portable shrine surrounded by paper lanterns) and... Koenji Festival During this huge autumn cultural festival, various events are held at the same time in the area. “Y... Tokyo Koenji Awa Odori ... One of Tokyo’s most famous summer features is boosted by the powerful dance of 10,000 dancers along... Koenji Bikkuri Daidogei Taking place at various places all over the Koenji area, a variety of wonderful performances by mor... Asagaya Tanabata Matsur... Huge paper decorations based on the year’s trends and ideas are displayed all along the length of t... Shiretoko Fantasia Held in Utoro Onsen, a phantasmagoria of light, sound and laser reproducing the aurora phenomenon. Star Illumination of Go... The moat of Hakodate’s star fort will be decorated with 2,000 light bulbs–an enormous star will com... Otaru Snow Light Path The snow and the streets of Otaru become illuminated by candle lamps; the retro cityscape gets engu... MIDTOWN ♥ SUMMER 2015 【The main events】 ■BACARDI MIDPARK CAFE:This café just open for a limited time in summer. You ca... Hakata Gion Yamakasa Summer in Hakata starts with the Yamakasa as beautifully decorated kazari-yama (decorative floats) ... Tobata Gion O-Yamagasa The Tobata Gion O-Yamagasa Festival is designated an Important Intangible Japanese Folk-cultural As... Itoman Peaceful Illumin... - Itoman Kanko Farm, Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture - December 14 (Sat), 2013-January 3 (Fri), 20... Nagakute Winter Festiva... Hanamizuki Square and Toshokan-dori Street are illuminated by 100,000 bulbs and candles. On the eve... Stone wall Yamaichi ni... We have you taste Old no atmosphere with outdoor tea ceremony, the armor end in castle historical p... Lake Akan Winter Festiv... Every day during the festival, fireworks displays take place along with an original mini-ceremony. ... Shikotsuko Momiji Matsu... Delicious food of autumn can be eaten while viewing beautiful red and yellow autumn foliage. Stalls... Edogawa-ku Fireworks an... The “Festival of Light and Sound on a Summer's Night" is held over the Edo-gawa River on the first ... Fukushima Waraji Matsur... This festival is named after the huge waraji traditional straw sandals, which are dedicated to Ashi... Sendai Tanabata Matsuri... This is one of the major star festivals in Japan and has a long history dating back to the 16th cen... Yamagata Hanagasa Matsu... Accompanied by strong voices shouting "yassho makasho!" and the dynamic sounds of hanagasa taiko dr... Morioka Sansa Odori (Sa... This festival derives from a local folk tale that tells how people danced with joy, singing "sansa ... Akita Kanto Matsuri (Ka... The Kanto Festival has a long history as Neburi Nagashi (an event to sweep drowsiness away) to repe... Aomori Nebuta Matsuri (... Aomori Nebuta Festival is said to have originated from Toro Nagashi (an event in which paper lanter... 68th Tsukiji Honganji T... Anyone can join in the dancing, which is open to all comers, so why not dance with local people in ... Sumidagawa Hanabi (Sumi... The Sumida River Fireworks Festival has a long history, beginning in 1733. Many people died of star... 10,000 people Eisa Danc... The sight of the "10,000 Eisa Dancers' Parade" is well worth taking in, especially the highlight at... Yamaga Toro Matsuri (La... The festival begins with the decoration of Hono Toro, a lantern shaped like a famous shrine or cast... 52nd Noboribetsu Jigoku... This is a cheerful event in which the door to "Hell" of Jigokudani, a famous place in Noboribetsu O... 29th Hokuryu-cho Himawa... This popular annual event is held at Himawari no Sato in Hokuryu-cho. During the festival period, v... Jigoku no Tani no Oniha... Yukijin, or guardian deities who dwell around Jigokudani Valley, explode fireworks in a very dynami... Cherry Blossom Viewing ... Among the cherry blossoms in Osaka Castle Park, the blossoms of about 600 cherry trees in Nishinoma... Himeji-jo Kanokai and O... An elegant performance of 100 koto (Japanese harps) and a dynamic performance of Japanese drums is ... Tsuetate Onsen Koinobor... Many Japanese-style hotels at Tsuetate Onsen line the Tsuetate river valley, and the area is well-k... Sakura Matsuri Hakodate Park is bathed entirely in pink, as 700 cherry trees blossom in splendid profusion. Every ... Ueno Sakura Festival Ueno Park has been a place famous for its cherry blossoms since the Edo era (1603-1867). Approximat...

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