Hot spring towns in Nagasaki

Takeo Onsen was one of the post-station towns along the Old Nagasaki-kaido Street that connects the towns of Nagasaki, Kita-Kyushu and Kokura. Post-station towns were once full of inns where travelers could stay. The symbol of Takeo Onsen is a vermillion-colored gate. Inside the gate are the public bathing facilities of Takeo Onsen hot spring. The “Tonosama-yu” bathtub here is very famous: it was specially designed for the lords of this region between the 18th and 19th centuries. Ureshino Onsen is an old town known for its hot spring and is also famous for Ureshino green tea. There are many hot spring inns along the Ureshino River, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. Ureshino Onsen is now selected as one of Japan’s best three hot springs and is noted as being good for beautiful skin. You can enjoy bathing in an open-air bathtub along the river, or in various other types of baths, such as green tea baths.

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